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The Captain was lucky enough to sit in on RJ Jacquez’s presentation on the upcoming features of Captivate 4 at the Adobe Learning Summit on Monday. He called it “Captivate Next” in the presentation, but it was apparent by the opening screen that it may be Captivate version 4.

The session was billed as a sneak peak on Adobe eLearning technologies, but it was primarily an overview of Captivate 4 – which was just fine by me. There were a few announcements around Adobe tools including an eLearning suite to be released sometime in 2009 that includes Photoshop CS4, Flash CS4, Acrobat Professional 9 and Adobe Device Central integration with Captivate. In addition, RJ mentioned that a Macintosh version of Captivate is in the works – no word on a release date.

Here are the new features that were revealed:

Captivate File Set Up

  • Create a new Mobile Captivate file in Adobe Device Central
    • Preview your Captivate application on devices that support FlashLite 3.0 and 3.1
    • Simulate lighting conditions for the mobile device in Adobe Device Central

Recording Features

  • Automatic panning that will follow your mouse
  • New recording interface
  • New “pre-recording” panel

Development Features

  • Inline text editing with captions! No text tool yet, but it’s close enough.
  • Call Captivate variables to control the environment
    • Turn the navigation bar on or off
    • Turn the visibility of elements on or off – like a caption
  • Use custom variables to store and display any information you want
    • Variable values are displayed visually by using $$variablename$$ in a caption. This can be used to capture a student’s $$firstname$$ or $$lastname$$ values
    • Static variables can also be used in a Captivate language RDL file. This will allow you to customize the automatic captions that are created during a recording
  • Captivate Widgets
    • Pre-built Flash components that can communicate with the Captivate development environment
    • ActionScript 3 code is provided so you can create you own Widgets
    • Widgets revealed include:
      • Text entry box that captures a variable value
      • Student certificate that has the course name, score and student name
      • Buttons that will display for rest of movie that will turn off the next and back buttons depending if you are on the first or last slide
    • Download widgets from Adobe.com
    • Use existing widget FLA files to modify or make your own custom widgets
    • Build a quiz widget that can get reported to an LMS
  • Create multiple Captivate Actions on one slide


  • Export your SWF file as either ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3 based code
  • Easier way for creating an Image Slide Show
  • Output directly to a PDF document – Acrobat 9 Reader only
  • Create one SWF file that embeds all the media including the skin, SWF videos, and quiz question elements
  • Create a Table of Contents – the Menu option is gone
    • Use the TOC for one or more Captivate movies
    • Multiple Captivate SWF movies will need to use the new Aggregator feature to “package” everything together
    • Search your Captivate movie through the TOC
  • Output to Flashplayer 7, 8, 9 and now 10

Tool Integration and Workflow

  • Captivate files and templates are now rendered in Adobe Bridge
  • Import Photoshop files into Captivate
    • You can either flatten the image or retain the individual layers
    • The PSD file will take each layer and convert it into a PNG
    • Each PSD layer becomes a separate Captivate layer on the timeline. This will make it really easy to build animations and screen builds in Captivate.
  • Create Captivate templates that use placeholders for graphics, captions, videos, and slide types like a quiz question, or recording slide.
  • Round trip editing with PowerPoint content in Captivate via a dynamic link
  • Adobe Air Review Application
    • Allows you to send a reviewer an Air application that will play the Captivate movie
    • Reviewer makes comments and e-mails them back to the Captivate developer, or uploads them to a development server
    • Comments import back into Captivate
    • Changes can be made, and comments sent back to the reviewer

Wow! What a list.

The Captivate development team has been busy. There are some real substantial changes to Captivate that will really speed up development time, and create an integrated workflow with other Adobe tools. This is going to really be a worthy upgrade to the product, and the Captain cannot wait to see more.


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